Last week I mentioned that I would share another design element that I found while recently on a trip to my hometown. It is a sign displaying some good old fashioned school pep and pride. Go Panthers, with the school’s monogram “P” in close proximity to the capital letters GO. The sign reads as GOP Panthers, which is far from the truth, given that the school is located in the heart of democrat country. Humor aside, the principle of proximity is noted as follows (according to the Universal Principles of Design book by Lidwell, Holden, & Butler) "Elements that are close together are perceived to be more related than elements that are farther apart."  What is the fix for this sign to communicate more effectively?  1. The G and O can be moved closer together, or 2. The P can be resized to be noticeably smaller than the GO, allowing information hierarchy clarity. And the GO Panthers can be moved closer together allowing it to appear as more of a unit. Below, I’ve taken the liberty of editing the image to show the effectiveness of the two suggestions. 

GOP Panthers_revised double.jpg